A universe is a franchise the games are based on.

List of universes

Games Star WarsIndiana JonesDC UniverseHarry PotterPirates of the CaribbeanThe Lord of the RingsLEGO CityMarvel UniverseThe LEGO MovieJurassic Park
Dimensions DC UniverseThe Lord of the RingsThe LEGO MovieBack to the FutureNinjagoThe Wizard of OzDoctor WhoPortalThe SimpsonsScooby-DooLegends of ChimaMidway Arcade

Game Elements
CharactersVehiclesLevelsHubsAbilitiesExtrasGamesUniversesMinikitsPower BricksGold BricksStud Bars
StudsSuitsPower UpsCo-OpExtra ToggleCustom CharactersUnlockEpisodesStory
Free PlayChallengeSuper StoryPlayable CharactersEnemiesBossesPurchasable Characters
Civilians in PerilCharacter Tokens
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