Super Story Mode is not a mode, but can be considered a bonus. In LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy it was introduced. There are three different Super Stories; one for Episode IV, one for Episode V, and one for Episode VI. The goal for each is to play all the levels in each Episode in Story Mode, and for all six levels to cumulatively collect 100,000 studs. The catch is that the levels all have to be completed in one hour accumulative time. It is a time trial where the default record is one hour and 100,000 studs. However, you don't need to beat the records to get a gold brick. You just need to finish the levels.

Super Story returned in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, with the original three Super Stories plus Super Stories for Episode I, Episode II, and Episode III. There is no Gold Brick award for completing Super Story in that game. However, to obtain 100.0% in the game, all six Super Stories have to be completed anyway. Fortunately, to earn the percentage to help get 100.0%, the player need not collect 100,000 studs or finish within the time limit, they just have to complete all the levels.

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