Stud bar

Stud Bars have been a secondary collectible of the series. In each main level of the game, there are an inordinate amount of studs in each level. In each level, collect a certain amount of studs to complete the Stud Bar. Upon completing a Stud Bar, you unlock a piece of the Super-Kit in LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game and LEGO Batman: The Videogame. In LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and LEGO City Undercover you unlock a Gold Brick. A Mithril Brick is awarded in LEGO The Lord of the Rings. And in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, nothing happens. However, these Stud Bars help achieve 100% in all games except LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game which doesn't have a percentage counter.

In LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy and LEGO Star Wars II only, there were two stud bars for each level; one for a collecting a certain amount of studs in Story Mode, and one for collecting a certain amount of studs, a larger amount, in Free Play Mode.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga had a different True Jedi requirement for each level than LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game and LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy to accord for the changes in the design.

Stud Bars, like studs, are susceptible to stud-multiplying extras; they don't adapt to the increase in stud's worth and are thus easier to complete.

List of Stud Bars' status namesEdit

Game Status
LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game True Jedi
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy True Jedi
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga True Jedi
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures True Adventurer
LEGO Batman: The Videogame (Heroes) Super Hero
LEGO Batman: The Videogame (Villains) Super-villain
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues True Adventurer
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 True Wizard
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars True Jedi
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game True Pirate
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 True Wizard
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Super Hero
LEGO The Lord of the Rings True Adventurer
LEGO City Undercover LEGO City Hero
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes True Believer
The LEGO Movie Videogame The Special
LEGO The Hobbit Master Burglar
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham True Hero
LEGO Jurassic World True Survivor
LEGO Dimensions Rule Breaker
LEGO Marvel's Avengers True Avenger
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens True Jedi
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 True Believer

List of Stud Bars' stud requirementsEdit

Level Stud Bar Completion Requirement
Negotiations 22,000 (LSW1)

31,000 (LSWCS)

Invasion of Naboo 40,600 (LSW1)
44,000 (LSWCS)
Escape from Naboo 61,700 (LSW1)
48,000 (LSWCS)
Mos Espa Pod Race 25,000 (LSW1)
46,000 (LSWCS)
Retake Theed Palace 59,300 (LSW1)
60,000 (LSWCS)
Darth Maul 42,800 (LSW1)
31,000 (LSWCS)
Bounty Hunter Pursuit 45,000
Discovery on Kamino 46,000 (LSW1)
50,000 (LSWCS)
Droid Factory 25,000 (LSW1)
40,000 (LSWCS)
Jedi Battle 6,000 (LSW1)
8,000 (LSWCS)
Gunship Cavalry 20,000 (LSW1)
30,000 (LSWCS)
Count Dooku 5,000 (LSW1)
22,000 (LSWCS)
Battle over Coruscant 20,000 (LSW1)
75,000 (LSWCS)
Chancellor in Peril 43,500 (LSW1)
60,000 (LSWCS)
General Grievous 6,800 (LSW1)
3,500 (LSWCS)
Defense of Kashyyyk 60,100 (LSW1)
65,000 (LSWCS)
Ruin of the Jedi 54,000 (LSW1)
75,000 (LSWCS)
Darth Vader 14,000 (LSW1)
26,000 (LSWCS)
Secret Plans 40,000 (LSW2S)
70,000 (LSW2FP)
28,000 (LSWCS)
Through the Jundland Wastes 75,000 (LSW2S)
120,000 (LSW2FP)
60,000 (LSWCS)
Mos Eisley Spaceport 165,000 (LSW2S)
200,000 (LSW2FP)
60,000 (LSWCS)
Rescue the Princess 60,000 (LSW2S)
80,000 (LSW2FP)
60,000 (LSWCS)
Death Star Escape 55,000 (LSW2S)
65,000 (LSW2FP)
46,000 (LSWCS)
Rebel Attack 20,000 (LSW2S)
30,000 (LSW2FP)
30,000 (LSWCS)
Hoth Battle 70,000 (LSW2S)
100,000 (LSW2FP)
26,000 (LSWCS)
Escape from Echo Base 40,000 (LSW2S)
80,000 (LSW2FP)
40,000 (LSWCS)
Falcon Flight 55,000 (LSW2S)
70,000 (LSW2FP)
55,000 (LSWCS)
Dagobah 50,000 (LSW2S)
70,000 (LSW2FP)
52,000 (LSWCS)
Cloud City Trap 11,000 (LSW2S)
16,000 (LSW2FP)
14,000 (LSWCS)
Betrayal over Bespin 45,000 (LSW2S)
60,000 (LSW2FP)
34,000 (LSWCS)
Jabba's Palace 38,000 (LSW2S)
45,000 (LSW2FP)
43,000 (LSWCS)
The Great Pit of Carkoon 50,000 (LSW2S)
65,000 (LSW2FP)
50,000 (LSWCS)
Speeder Showdown 55,000 (LSW2S)
70,000 (LSW2FP)
55,000 (LSWCS)
The Battle of Endor 90,000 (LSW2S)
110,000 (LSW2FP)
90,000 (LSWCS)
Jedi Destiny 55,000 (LSW2S)
67,000 (LSW2FP)
40,000 (LSWCS)
Into the Death Star 30,000 (LSW2S)
40,000 (LSW2FP)
35,000 (LSWCS)
Lost Temple 30,000
Into the Mountains 35,000
City of Danger 50,000
The Well of Souls 57,000
Pursuing the Ark 47,000
Opening the Ark 40,000
Shanghai Showdown 52,000
Pankot Secrets 60,000
The Temple of Kali 50,000
Free the Slaves 65,000
Escape the Mines 120,000
Battle on the Bridge 80,000
The Hunt for Sir Richard 50,000
Castle Rescue 35,000
Motorcycle Escape 90,000
Trouble in the Sky 80,000
Desert Ambush 100,000
Temple of the Grail 80,000
You Can Bank on Batman 38,000
An Icy Reception 60,000
Two-Face Chase 64,000
A Poisonous Appointment 78,000
The Face-Off 65,000
The Riddler Makes A Withdrawal 45,000
On the Rocks 58,000
Green Fingers 88,000
An Enterprising Theft 48,000
Breaking Blocks 75,000
There She Goes Again 110,000
Batboat Battle 19,000
Under the City 59,000
Zoo's Company 58,000
Penguin's Lair 26,000
Rocking the Docks 71,000
Stealing the Show 63,000
Harboring a Grudge 31,000
A Daring Rescue 60,000
Arctic World 42,000
Joker's Home Turf 60,000
Little Fun at the Big Top 68,000
Flight of the Bat 29,000
In the Dark Night 73,000
To the Top of the Tower 96,000
A Surprise for the Commissioner 57,000
Biplane Blast 28,000
The Joker's Masterpiece 81,000
The Lure of the Night 86,000
Dying of Laughter 87,000
Hangar Havoc 60,000
Doom Town 37,000
Cafe Chaos 8,000
Motorbike Mayhem 135,000
Crane Train 25,000
Peru Cell Perusal 30,000
Tomb Doom 60,000
Mac Attack 18,000
Rainforest Rumble 150,000
Dovchenko Duel 53,000
Repair Scare 37,000
River Ruckus 200,000
Temple Tangle 25,000
Ugha Struggle 20,000
Akator Ambush 42,000
Raven Rescue 25,000
Market Mayhem 13,000
Map Room Mystery 23,000
After the Ark 84,000
Belloq Battle 25,000
Lao Chase 25,000
Monkey Mischief 38,000
Malice at the Palace 23,000
Temple Tantrum 45,000
Mola Rampage 30,000
Coronado Caper 35,000
Brunwald Blaze 27,000
Berlin Brawl 51,000
Cannon Canyon 100,000
Trial & Terror 38,000
Forklift Fun 47,000
Dummy Run 40,000
Diner Distraction 20,000
Bike Hike 140,000
Target Training 42,000
Musical Mania 20,000
Tomb Time 24,000
Mirror Mayhem 16,000
Forest Forage 168,000
Jungle Jump 42,000
Campfire Countdown 20,000
Riverside Rush 250,000
Trick or Treasure 50,000
Tie Up High Up 30,000
Pit of Peril 41,000
Toasty Tavern 34,000
Cairo Conundrum 24,000
Cryptic Crypt 22,000
Desert Dash 90,000
Buildozer 42,000
Shang-High 28,000
Wrong Gong Rung 25,000
Disarming Duel 19,000
Lava Lake 59,000
Cliff Clamber 40,000
Crab Cake Confusion 29,000
Castle Quench 37,000
Perilous Parking 18,000
Canyon Quest 125,000
Chalice Challenge 30,000
Marshall College 15,000
Gas Station 30,000
Doom Town House 2 46,000
Interrogation Room 50,000
Hangar 52 56,000
Peru Airport 50,000
Peruvian Market 20,000
Graveyard Tomb 20,000
Temple Tussle 26,000
Gorge in the Jungle 14,000
Jungle Jinx 15,000
Lake Crypt 25,000
Digger's Delight 25,000
Treasure Room 20,000
Cave Capers 31,000
Mountain Shack 51,000
Airstrip Hangar 6,000
Hovitos Temple 50,000
Bantu Wind 22,000
Submarine Base 15,000
Club ObiWan 25,000
Beachside Cave 25,000
Slave Driver Cave 15,000
Mountain Cave 46,000
Princess Rescue 9,000
Venice Library 31,000
Beach Pit 27,000
Berlin Airport 15,000
Castle Cave 27,000
Venice Tunnel 23,000
The Magic Begins 69,000
Out of the Dungeon 53,000
A Jinxed Broom 32,000
The Restricted Section 60,000
The Forbidden Forest 70,000
Face of the Enemy 25,000
Floo Powder! 50,000
Dobby's Plan 68,000
Crabbe and Goyle 25,000
Tom Riddle's Diary 70,000
Follow the Spiders 90,000
The Basilisk 60,000
News from Azkaban 50,000
Hogsmeade 50,000
Mischief Managed 50,000
The Shrieking Shack 22,000
Dementor's Kiss 60,000
The Dark Tower 75,000
The Quiditch World Cup 90,000
Dragons 52,000
The First Task 60,000
Secret of the Egg 12,000
The Black Lake 65,000
The Dark Lord Returns 42,000
Geonosian Arena 90,000
Battle of Geonosis 80,000
Gungan General 200,000
Jedi Crash 85,000
Defenders of Peace 150,000
Weapons Factory 100,000
Legacy of Terror 130,000
Duel of the Droids 120,000
Shadow of Malevolence 200,000
Destroy Malevolence 180,000
Lair of Grievous 125,000
Rookies 150,000
Grievous Intrigue 60,000
The Hidden Enemy 100,000
Ambush 60,000
Blue Shadow Virus 210,000
Storm over Ryloth 120,000
Innocents of Ryloth 105,000
Liberty on Ryloth 195,000
The Zillo Beast 300,000
Hostage Crisis 80,000
Castle of Doom 100,000
Port Royal 120,000
Tortuga 150,000
The Black Pearl Attacks 87,000
Smuggler's Den 70,000
Isla De Muerta 50,000
Pelegosto 70,000
A Touch of Destiny 50,000
The Dutchman's Secret 80,000
Isla Cruces 90,000
The Kraken 25,000
Singapore 65,000
Davy Jones' Locker 50,000
Norrington's Choice 100,000
The Brethren Court 20,050
The Maelstrom 40,000
London Town 70,000
Queen Anne's Revenge 75,000
White Cap Bay 70,000
A Spanish Legacy 78,000
The Fountain of Youth 75,000
Dark Times 22,500
Dumbledore's Army
Focus! 22,000
Kreacher Discomforts
A Giant Virtuoso
A Veiled Threat
Out of Retirement
Just Desserts
A Not So Merry Christmas
Love Hurts
Felix Felicis
The Horcrux and the Hand
The Seven Harrys
Magic is Might
In Grave Danger
Sword and Locket
Lovegood's Lunacy
The Thief's Downfall
Back to School
Burning Bridges
Fiendfyre Frenzy
Snape's Tears
The Flaw in the Plan
Theatrical Pursuits 400,000
Harbouring a Criminal
Arkham Asylum Antics
Arkham Assignment
Chemical Crisis
Chemical Signature
Unwelcome Guests 555,350
Destination Metropolis
Research and Development
Down to Earth
Underground Retreat
The Next President
Core Instability
Tower Defiance
Heroes Unite
Prologue 30,000
The Black Rider 16,000
Weathertop 46,000
The Pass of Caradhras 52,000
The Mines of Moria 70,000
Amon Hen 45,000
Taming Gollum 90,000
The Dead Marshes 65,000
Track Hobbits 50,000
Warg Attack 34,000
Helm's Deep 44,000
Osgiliath 85,000
The Secret Stairs 88,000
Cirith Ungol 53,000
The Paths of the Dead 90,000
The Battle of Pelennor Fields 95,000
The Black Gate 12,000
Mount Doom 85,000
Some Assaults
Trouble in Stir
Miner Altercation
Kung Fool
Dirty Work
Scrapyard Scrap
The Colossal Fossil Hustle
Hot Property
Smash 'n' Grab
They All Scream for Ice Cream
High Steal
Disruptive Behavior
Breaking and Reentering
Fly Me to the Moon
Sand Central Station
Times Square Off
Exploratory Laboratory
Rock up at the Lock up
Rebooted, Resuited
Red Head Detention
Bifrosty Reception
Juggernauts and Crosses
Doctor in the House
That Sinking Feeling
Taking Liberties
Rapturous Rise
Magnetic Personality
A Doom with a View
The Good, the Bad and the Hungry
Bricksburg Construction
Escape From Bricksburg
Flatbush Gulch
Flatbush Rooftops
Escape From Flatbush
Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land
Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land
Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land
The Depths
Infiltrate the Octane Tower
Put The Thing On The Thing
Broadcast News
Back From Reality
Bricksburg Under Attack
The Final Showdown
The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth
An Unexpected Party
Azog the Defiler
Roast Mutton
The Troll Hoard
Over Hill and Under Hill
Out of the Frying Pan
Queer Lodgings
Flies and Spiders
Barrels Out of Bond
A Warm Welcome
Looking for Proof
The Necromancer
On the Doorstep
Inside Information
Pursuers in the Sewers 750
Breaking BATS!
Space suits you, Sir!
Space Station Infestation
The Big Grapple
The Lantern Menace
Europe Against It
Big Trouble in Little Gotham
Power of Love
A Blue Hope
Jailhouse Nok
All the Rage 999,900
Need for Greed
Aw-Qward Situation 3,500
Breaking the Ice 865,003,300
No Eson of Mine 115,000
Avenger's World Tour

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