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Power Bricks (called Parcels in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and Red Hats in Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean), also known as Red Bricks or even Red Power Bricks have been in every game in the series except for LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game. They have been a secondary collectible of the series. In each main level of the game, there is an elusive Red Brick to collect. Some can be collected in Story Mode. Some require additional gameplay in Free Play Mode. Upon collecting a Power Brick or Parcel, an extra appears in the hub level of that game's shop available for purchase. These Power Bricks help achieve 100% in all games since their introduction. In LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, after 100.0% completion, a bonus of "All Power Bricks Unlocked" was awarded; unfortunately, to achieve 100%, all Power Bricks are required.

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Parcels aren't collected like standard Power Bricks. Instead of just being touched like Red Bricks, Parcels have to be picked up and carefully deposited into the nearby Red Mailbox. Once there, they appear in the hub, Barnett College, to be purchased. This type of red brick later re-appears in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, delivering the Parcels to an owl instead of a mailbox and being purchased from Eeylop's Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley.

The Power Bricks that appear in LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game levels are only existent in their LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga level counterparts.

In LEGO Batman: The Videogame, there are fifteen normal Power Bricks that grant Extras in the villain missions, but in the hero missions, the Power Bricks, though collected similarly, grant Suit Upgrades that upgrade the eight suits.

The extra Power Brick Detector causes an arrow to appear near where the Power Brick is, helping you find it.

List of Power Bricks

Level Power Brick Extra
Negotiations Super Gonk
Invasion of Naboo, Raiders of the Lost Ark Green Poo Money
Escape from Naboo Walkie Talkie Disable
Mos Espa Pod Race, A Daring Rescue Power Brick Detector
Retake Theed Palace, Into the Mountains, Bree, The Resistance Super Slap
Darth Maul Force Grapple Leap
Bounty Hunter Pursuit, Rocking the Docks, Temple of Doom Red, Hogwarts, Resolute, The Battle of Endor Stud Magnet
Discovery on Kamino Disarm Troopers
Droid Factory, Stealing the Show, Hogwarts, Resolute, Mordor, The Old West, Middle-earth Character Studs
Jedi Battle, Invisible Hand Perfect Deflect (Star Wars)
Gunship Cavalry Exploding Blaster Bolts
Count Dooku Force Pull
Battle over Coruscant Vehicle Smart Bomb
Chancellor in Peril Super Astromech
General Grievous Super Jedi Slam
Defense of Kashyyyk Super Thermal Detonator
Ruin of the Jedi Deflect Bolts
Darth Vader, Invisible Hand Dark Side (Star Wars)
Secret Plans Super Blasters
Through the Jundland Wastes, Rathtar Hunting Fast Force (Star Wars)
Mos Eisley Spaceport Super Lightsabers
Rescue the Princess Tractor Beam
Death Star Escape, Temple of the Grail, Dying of Laughter, The Last Crusade Blue, Hogwarts, Invisible Hand, The Port, Gotham City, Dead Marshes & Osgiliath, Kings Court, Octane Tower, Rivendell, Isla Nublar Aviary Invincibility
Rebel Attack, The Riddler Makes A Withdrawal, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 1 Red,

Hogwarts, Resolute, Hogsmeade

Score x2 (Past)
Hoth Battle Self Destruct
Escape from Echo Base, Pursuing the Ark, A Surprise for the Commissioner, Raiders of the Lost Ark Blue, Resolute, The Port, Isengard, Some Assaults, Stranger Danger, The Old West, Middle-earth, Aw-Qward Situation, Spinosaurus Territory, Korea Prospects, Assault on Jakku Fast Build
Falcon Flight, On the Rocks, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 2 Red, Hogwarts, Resolute, London Score x4 (Past)
Dagobah, Battle on the Bridge, The Joker's Masterpiece, Hogwarts, Invisible Hand, The Port, Gotham City, Weathertop, Octane Tower, Middle-earth, Destroy Starkiller Base Regenerate Hearts
Cloud City Trap, Green Fingers, Temple of Doom Red, Hogwarts, Resolute, Hogsmeade Score x6 (Past)
Betrayal over Bespin, Harboring a Grudge, Resolute, Put Up Your Dukes, Mirkwood, Big Trouble in Little Gotham, East Boardwalk, Lost in the Aether Minikit Detector
Jabba's Palace Super Zapper
The Great Pit of Carkoon Bounty Hunter Rockets
Speeder Showdown, An Enterprising Theft, The Last Crusade Red, Hogwarts, Invisible Hand, Hogsmeade Score x8 (Past)
The Battle of Endor Super Ewok Catapult
Jedi Destiny, Breaking Blocks, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 3 Red, Resolute, Hogsmeade Score x10 (Past)
Into the Death Star, Poe to the Rescue Infinite Torpedoes (Star Wars)
Lost Temple, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 1 Blue, Avengers Assemble Fast Fix
City of Danger, The Port Treasure x2
The Well of Souls, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 2 Blue, Hogwarts, The Port, Rise of Ultron Fast Dig
Opening the Ark Artifact Detector
Shanghai Showdown, The Port Treasure x4
Pankot Secrets Poo Treasure
The Temple of Kali Super Scream
Free the Slaves, The Port Character Treasure
Escape the Mines, The Port Treasure x6
The Hunt for Sir Richard Parcel Detector
Castle Rescue Disarm Enemies
Motorcycle Escape, The Port, Gotham City Treasure x8
Trouble in the Sky, The Port Treasure Magnet
Desert Ambush, The Port Treasure x10
You Can Bank on Batman Fast Grapple
An Icy Reception Fast Batarangs
Two-Face Chase More Batarang Targets
A Poisonous Appointment Flaming Batarang
The Face-Off Slam
There She Goes Again More Detonators
Batboat Battle Armour Plating
Under the City Sonic Pain
Zoo's Company Area Effect
Penguin's Lair Bats
Arctic World Always Score Multiply
Joker's Home Turf Freeze Batarang
Little Fun at the Big Top Decoy
Flight of the Bat Fast Walk
In the Dark Night Faster Pieces
To the Top of the Tower Piece Detector
Biplane Blast Immune to Freeze
The Lure of the Night, Hogwarts, The Port, They All Scream for Ice Cream, Octane Tower Extra Hearts
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 1 Green

The Port

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 2 Green Silhouettes
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 3 Green Snake Whip
Raiders of the Lost Ark Red Score x3
Temple of Doom Green Ice Rink
The Last Crusade Green

Gotham City

Beep Beep
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 3 Blue Fearless
Hogwarts Singing Mandrake
Hogwarts, The Thrill of the Chess

Need for Greed

Lack of Insight

Character Token Detector
Hogwarts, The Port

Gotham City



High Fells

Mission: Impossible World

Fall Rescue
Hogwarts, Hogsmeade

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Tyrannosaurus Territory

Red Brick Detector
Hogwarts Hogwarts Crest Detector
Hogwarts, London

Nuff Said

Europe Against It

Long Grass

Ready, A.I.M., Fire

Gold Brick Detector
Hogwarts, Campsite Christmas
Hogwarts, A Shock Withdrawal

Breaking the Ice

West Boardwalk

Ultron Undone

The Finale

Collect Ghost Studs
Hogwarts Fast Magic
Resolute Super Speeders
Super Saber Cut
Glow in the Dark
Invisible Hand Dual Wield
The Port, Gotham City Extra Toggle
The Port Fast Forge (LPOTC)
Breathe Underwater (LPOTC)
Red Hat Finder (LPOTC)
The Port, Gotham City Minikit Finder
The Port Always Double Treasure (LPOTC)
Hogwarts Super Strength
Gotham City, The Pass of Cardhras

Smash 'n' Grab

Stunt Show Surprise

Cloud Cuckoo Land


Jailhouse Nok

Carnivore Territory

Attract Studs (Current)
Gotham City, Rivendell

Trouble in Stir



Pursuers in the Sewers

Visitor Center

Struck Off the List

The Eravana

Studs x2 (Current)
Gotham City, Amon Hen

Dirty Work

Tabloid Tidy Up

The Old West

High Pass

Breaking BATS!

Hunting Plains

A Loki Entrance

Starkiller Sabotage

Studs x4 (Current)
Gotham City, Edoras

High Steal

Feeling Fisky

Cloud Cuckoo Land

The Pass of Cardhras

Space suits you, Sir!

Isla Sorna Aviary

Rail Hydra

Maz's Castle

Studs x6 (Current)
Gotham City, Helm's Deep

Disruptive Behavior

Reptillian Ruckus

Octane Tower


Space Station Infestation

Herbivore Territory

Shakespeare in the Park

Niima Outpost

Studs x8 (Current)
Gotham City, Mordor

Fly Me to the Moon

House Party Protocol


Elven Forest

The Big Grapple

Indominus Territory

Helicarrier Havoc

Lor San Tekka's Return

Studs x10 (Current)
Gotham City Gold Brick Finder (LB2TSH)
Vine Grapples (LB2TSH)
Super Build (LB2TSH)
Red Brick Finder (LB2TSH)
Peril Finder (LB2TSH)
Hobbiton, Bree Poo Studs
Edoras, Erebor

The Lantern Menace

The Pass of Cardhras, Lake-town Boss Disguises
Mordor, Dale/Erebor

Dilophosaurus Territory

Midway Arcade World

8-Bit Music
Bree Quest Finder (LLOTR)
Weathertop Minikit Chest Finder (LLOTR)
Bree Mithril Brick Finder (LLOTR)
Mordor Action Assist (LLOTR)
Dead Marshes, Dol Guldur Mithril Hearts
Albatross Island Police Siren Hat (LCU)
Apollo Island Super Ray Gun
Cherry Tree Hills Data Scan Upgrade - City Challenges
Auburn Data Scan Upgrade - Character Challenges
Bluebell National Park Data Scan Upgrade - Clues
Auburn Bay Bridge Data San Upgrade - Red Bricks
Fort Meadows Data Scan Upgrade - Tokens
Blackwell Bridge Nitrous For All
Bright Lights Plaza Instant Vehicles
Crescent Park Super Ram
Crosstown Tunnel Super Drill Ride
Downtown Wonder Whistle
Festival Square Longer Vehicle Boost
Paraside Sands Ring Tone - Gas
Grand Canal Ring Tone - Pig
Heritage Bridge Collect Sat Nav Studs
Lady Liberty Island Mario Hat
LEGO City Airport Super Fast Travel
Pagoda Super Axe Smash
Uptown Super Color Gun
Miner Altercation Unlimited Dynamite
Kung Fool Super Throw
Astronaughty Super Astro Crate
Scrapyard Scrap Super Safe Crack (LCU)
The Colossal Fossil Hustle Super Break & Enter
Hot Property Costumes
Breaking and Reentering Attract Bricks
Bro-tunheim, The Pass of Cardhras Mini Characters
Bricksburg Collect Guide Studs
Fast Repair
Pants Detector
The Old West Fast Drill
Gold Instruction Page Dectetor
Cloud Cuckoo Land Fast Boomerangs
Fast Secret Knock
Octane Tower Fast Hack
Dol Guldur Carnival
Mirkwood Snake Flails (LTH)
High Fells Mithril Brick Detector
Bree Attract Loot
Weathertop Double Loot
Hobbiton Perfect Forging
Rivendell Treasure Item Detector
Dol Guldur Always Loot Rubies
Lake-town Always Loot Diamonds
High Fells Always Loot Gold
Elven Forest Always Loot Emeralds
Middle-earth Always Loot Sapphires
Erebor Always Loot Silver
Power of Love, Anger Management Quest Detector
A Blue Hope Adam West in Peril Detector
All the Rage Festive Hats
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel Bat-Fight Captions
Anklosaurus Territory Amber Brick Detector
Mosasaurus Arena Compy Mode
Safari Plains

Battle of Takodana

Destroy on Contact
Triceratops Territory Nerdy Disguises
Gyrosphere Valley

Escape From Finalizer

Fast Interact
Gallimimus Territory Hybrid Disguises
Stegosaurus Territory Helium Voices
Lord of the Rings World Dwarf's Journey
Scooby-Doo! World Villain Disguises
The Simpsons World All Hail King Homer
Ninjago World The Way of the Brick
Legends of Chima World Master of CHI
DC Comics World DC Captions
Back to the Future World Faulty Flux Drive
The LEGO Movie World Rare Artifact Detector (A.A.D.)
Portal 2 World Aperture Enrichment Detector
Jurassic World World Pack Hunter
The Wizard of Oz World We're Off to See the Wizard
Ghostbusters World Full Minifigure Apparition
The A-Team World I Know a Guy
Adventure Time World Mathematical!
Harry Potter World Accio Studs!
Ghostbusters (2016) World Boosted Busting
E.T the Extra-Terrestrial World Flower Power!
Gremlins World Destruction!
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them World Wizarding Whizz!
Sonic the Hedgehog World Ring-A-Ding-Ding!
The LEGO Batman Movie World Always Batman
Knight Rider World K.I.T.T My Ride
The Goonies World One-Eyed Willy's Treasure
LEGO City: Undercover World Stud Chest Master
Teen Titans Go! World Hiro-a-Hero Discount
The Powerpuff Girls World Big Head Mode
Beetlejuice World Tiny Head Mode
Earth's Mightiest Unlimited Avengers Team-Up Moves
No Strings On Me Stan Lee in Peril Detector
Epilouge - Luke's Island The Funk Awakens
The Crimson Corsair Imperial Inaccuracy
Trouble Over Taul Regenerating Combat Bar
Ottegan Assault Super Disco Blasters

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