Click each level to discover their Story Mode Playable Characters, Enemies, Bosses, Minikit, Power Brick, and Stud Meter. The format is structured hubs, then normal levels, and then the bonus levels. Also, each level has a short code for convenience on list pages..

Dexter's Diner DD Hubs
Mos Eisley Cantina MEC
Mos Eisley Cantina 2 MECCS
Barnett College BC
The Batcave TBC
Arkham Asylum AA
The Warehouse H51
Crystal Skull Hub 1 4a-H
Crystal Skull Hub 2 4b-H
Crystal Skull Hub 3 4c-H
Raiders Hub A1-H
Temple Hub A2-H
Crusade Hub A3-H
The Leaky Cauldron TLC
Diagon Alley DA
Knockturn Alley KA
Hogwarts H
The Resolute TR
The Invisible Hand TIH
The Port TP
London L
Campsite C
Gotham City GC
The Batcave TBC2
Middle-earth ME
New York NY
S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier SH
Bricksburg BB
The Old West OW
Cloud Cuckoo Land CCL
Octane Tower OT
The Watchtower WT
The Batcave (LBM3) TBC3
Hall of Justice HOJ
Hall of Doom HOD
Moon Base MB
Zamaron PLP
Odym BLP
Ysmault RLP
Okaara OLP
Qward YLP
Isla Nublar Jurassic Park J1-I
Isla Sorna The Lost World J2-I
Isla Sorna Jurassic Park III J3-I
Isla Nublar Jurassic World J4-I
Vorton DV
The Shard DS
DC Comics World D-DC
The LEGO Movie World D-TLM
The Lord of the Rings World D-ME
Jurassic World D-JW
Portal 2 World D-P2
Legends of Chima World D-LoC
Ninjago World D-N
The Simpsons World D-S
Back to the Future World D-BttF
Scooby-Doo World D-SD
The Wizard of Oz World D-Oz
Doctor Who World D-DW
Ghostbusters World D-GB
Midway Arcade World D-MA
Ghostbusters (2016) World D-GB16
The A-Team World D-A
Mission: Impossible World D-MI
Adventure Time World D-AT
Lego City World D-LCT
Harry Potter World D-HP
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial World D-ET
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them World D-FB
Sonic the Hedgehog World D-SH
New York (LMA) NYA
SHIELD Helicarrier SHA
Sokovia SK
Malibu MB
Asgard AG
Washington DC DC
Negotiations I-1 Episode I
The Phantom Menace
LEGO Star Wars
The Video Game

LEGO Star Wars
The Complete Saga

Invasion of Naboo I-2
Escape from Naboo I-3
Mos Espa Pod Race I-4
Retake Theed Palace I-5
Darth Maul I-6
Bounty Hunter Pursuit II-1 Episode II
Attack of the Clones
Discovery on Kamino II-2
Droid Factory II-3
Jedi Battle II-4
Gunship Cavalry II-5
Count Dooku II-6
Battle over Coruscant III-1 Episode III
Revenge of the Sith
Chancellor in Peril III-2
General Grievous III-3
Defense of Kashyyyk III-4
Ruin of the Jedi III-5
Darth Vader III-6
Secret Plans IV-1 Episode IV
A New Hope
LEGO Star Wars II
The Original Trilogy

LEGO Star Wars
The Complete Saga

Through the Jundland Wastes IV-2
Mos Eisley Spaceport IV-3
Rescue the Princess IV-4
Death Star Escape IV-5
Rebel Attack IV-6
Hoth Battle V-1 Episode V
The Empire Strikes Back
Escape from Echo Base V-2
Falcon Flight V-3
Dagobah V-4
Cloud City Trap V-5
Betrayal over Bespin V-6
Jabba's Palace VI-1 Episode VI
Return of the Jedi
The Great Pit of Carkoon VI-2
Speeder Showdown VI-3
The Battle of Endor VI-4
Jedi Destiny VI-5
Into the Death Star VI-6
Lost Temple 1-1 Movie 1
Raiders of the Lost Ark
LEGO Indiana Jones
The Original Adventures
Into the Mountains 1-2
City of Danger 1-3
The Well of Souls 1-4
Pursuing the Ark 1-5
Opening the Ark 1-6
Shanghai Showdown 2-1 Movie 2
Temple of Doom
Pankot Secrets 2-2
The Temple of Kali 2-3
Free the Slaves 2-4
Escape the Mines 2-5
Battle on the Bridge 2-6
The Hunt for Sir Richard 3-1 Movie 3
The Last Crusade
Castle Rescue 3-2
Motorcycle Escape 3-3
Trouble in the Sky 3-4
Desert Ambush 3-5
Temple of the Grail 3-6
You Can Bank on Batman H1-1 Chapter 1
The Riddler's Revenge
LEGO Batman
The Videogame
An Icy Reception H1-2
Two-Face Chase H1-3
A Poisonous Appointment H1-4
The Face-Off H1-5
There She Goes Again H2-1 Chapter 2
Power Crazed Penguin
Batboat Battle H2-2
Under the City H2-3
Zoo's Company H2-4
Penguin's Lair H2-5
Joker's Home Turf H3-1 Chapter 3
The Joker's Return
Little Fun at the Big Top H3-2
Flight of the Bat H3-3
In the Dark Night H3-4
To the Top of the Tower H3-5
The Riddler Makes A Withdrawal V1-1 Chapter 1
The Riddler's Revenge
On the Rocks V1-2
Green Fingers V1-3
An Enterprising Theft V1-4
Breaking Blocks V1-5
Rocking the Docks V2-1 Chapter 2
Power Crazed Penguin
Stealing the Show V2-2
Harboring a Grudge V2-3
A Daring Rescue V2-4
Arctic World V2-5
A Surprise for the Commissioner V3-1 Chapter 3
The Joker's Return
Biplane Blast V3-2
The Joker's Masterpiece V3-3
The Lure of the Night V3-4
Dying of Laughter V3-5
Hangar Havoc 4a-1 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Part 1
LEGO Indiana Jones 2
The Adventure Continues
Doom Town 4a-2
Café Chaos 4a-3
Motorbike Mayhem 4a-4
Crane Train 4a-5
Peru Cell Perusal 4b-1 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Part 2
Tomb Doom 4b-2
Mac Attack 4b-3
Rainforest Rumble 4b-4
Dovchenko Duel 4b-5
Repair Scare 4c-1 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Part 3
River Ruckus 4c-2
Temple Tangle 4c-3
Ugha Struggle 4c-4
Akator Ambush 4c-5
Raven Rescue A1-1 Previous Adventure 1
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Market Mayhem A1-2
Map Room Mystery A1-3
After the Ark A1-4
Belloq Battle A1-5
Lao Chase A2-1 Previous Adventure 2
Temple of Doom
Monkey Mischief A2-2
Malice at the Palace A2-3
Temple Tantrum A2-4
Mola Rampage A2-5
Coronado Caper A3-1 Previous Adventure 3
The Last Crusade
Brunwald Blaze A3-2
Berlin Brawl A3-3
Cannon Canyon A3-4
Trial & Terror A3-5
The Magic Begins Y1-1 Year 1
The Sorcerer's Stone
LEGO Harry Potter
Years 1-4
Out of the Dungeon Y1-2
A Jinxed Broom Y1-3
The Restricted Section Y1-4
The Forbidden Forest Y1-5
Face of the Enemy Y1-6
Floo Powder Y2-1 Year 2
The Chamber of Secrets
Dobby's Plan Y2-2
Crabbe and Goyle Y2-3
Tom Riddle's Diary Y2-4
Follow the Spiders Y2-5
The Basilisk Y2-6
News from Azkaban Y3-1 Year 3
The Prisoner of Azkaban
Hogsmeade Y3-2
Mischief Managed Y3-3
The Shrieking Shack Y3-4
Dementor's Kiss Y3-5
The Dark Tower Y3-6
The Quidditch World Cup Y4-1 Year 4
The Goblet of Fire
Dragons Y4-2
The First Task Y4-3
Secret of the Egg Y4-4
The Black Lake Y4-5
The Dark Lord Returns Y4-6
Battle of Geonosis CD-1 Count
LEGO Star Wars III
The Clone Wars
Gungan General CD-2
Jedi Crash CD-3
Defenders of Peace CD-4
Weapons Factory CD-5
Legacy of Terror CD-6
Duel of the Droids GG-1 General
Shadow of Malevolence GG-2
Destroy Malevolence GG-3
Lair of Grievous GG-4
Rookies GG-5
Grievous Intrigue GG-6
The Hidden Enemy AV-1 Asajj
Ambush AV-2
Blue Shadow Virus AV-3
Storm over Ryloth AV-4
Innocents of Ryloth AV-5
Liberty on Ryloth AV-6
Port Royal P1-1 Movie 1
The Curse of the Black Pearl
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
The Video Game
Tortuga P1-2
The Black Pearl Attacks P1-3
Smuggler's Den P1-4
Isla De Muerta P1-5
Pelegosto P2-1 Movie 2
Dead Man's Chest
A Touch of Destiny P2-2
The Dutchman's Secret P2-3
Isla Cruces P2-4
The Kraken P2-5
Singapore P3-1 Movie 3
At World's End
Davy Jones' Locker P3-2
Norrington's Choice P3-3
The Brethren Court P3-4
The Maelstrom P3-5
London Town P4-1 Movie 4
On Stranger Tides
Queen Anne's Revenge P4-2
White Cap Bay P4-3
A Spanish Legacy P4-4
The Fountain of Youth P4-5
Dark Times Y5-1 Year 5
Order of the Phoenix
LEGO Harry Potter
Years 5-7
Dumbledore's Army Y5-2
Focus! Y5-3
Kreacher Discomfort Y5-4
A Giant Virtuoso Y5-5
A Veiled Threat Y5-6
Out of Retirement Y6-1 Year 6
Half-Blood Prince
Just Desserts Y6-2
A Not So Merry Christmas Y6-3
Love Hurts Y6-4
Felix Felicis Y6-5
The Horcrux and the Hand Y6-6
The Seven Harrys Y7-1 Year 7
Deathly Hallows
Pt 1
Magic is Might Y7-2
In Grave Danger Y7-3
Sword and Locket Y7-4
Lovegood's Lunacy Y7-5
The Thief's Downfall Y8-1 Year 8
Deathly Hallows
Pt 2
Back to School Y8-2
Burning Bridges Y8-3
Fiendfyre Frenzy Y8-4
Snape's Tears Y8-5
The Flaw in the Plan Y8-6
Theatrical Pursuits DC-1 LEGO Batman 2
DC Super Heroes
Harbouring a Criminal DC-2
Arkham Asylum Antics DC-3
Arkham Assignment DC-4
Chemical Crisis DC-5
Chemical Signature DC-6
Unwelcome Guests DC-7
Destination Metropolis DC-8
Research and Development DC-9
Down to Earth DC-10
Underground Retreat DC-11
The Next President DC-12
Core Instability DC-13
Tower Defiance DC-14
Heroes Unite DC-15
Prologue R1-1 Book 1
The Fellowship of the Ring
LEGO The Lord of the Rings
The Video Game
The Black Rider R1-2
Weathertop R1-3
The Pass of Caradhras R1-4
The Mines of Moria R1-5
Amon Hen R1-6
Taming Gollum R2-1 Book 2
The Two Towers
The Dead Marshes R2-2
Track Hobbits R2-3
Warg Attack R2-4
Helm's Deep R2-5
Osgiliath R2-6
The Secret Stairs R3-1 Book 3
The Return of the King
Cirith Ungol R3-2
The Paths of the Dead R3-3
The Battle of Pelennor Fields R3-4
The Black Gate R3-5
Mount Doom R3-6
Some Assaults LC-1 LEGO City
Trouble in Stir LC-2
Miner Altercation LC-3
Kung Fool LC-4
Dirty Work LC-5
Astronaughty LC-6
Scrapyard Scrap LC-7
The Colossal Fossil Hustle LC-8
Hot Property LC-9
Smash 'n' Grab LC-10
They All Scream for Ice Cream LC-11
High Steal LC-12
Disruptive Behavior LC-13
Breaking and Reentering LC-14
Fly Me to the Moon LC-15
Sand Central Station M-1 LEGO Marvel
Super Heroes
Times Square Off M-2
Exploratory Laboratory M-3
Rock up at the Lock up M-4
Rebooted, Resuited M-5
Red Head Detention M-6
Bifrosty Reception M-7
Juggernauts and Crosses M-8
Doctor in the House M-9
That Sinking Feeling M-10
Taking Liberties M-11
Rapturous Rise M-12
Magnetic Personality M-13
A Doom with a View M-14
The Good, the Bad and the Hungry M-15
Bricksburg Construction L-1 The LEGO Movie
Video Game
Escape From Bricksburg L-2
Flatbush Gulch L-3
Flatbush Rooftops L-4
Escape From Flatbush L-5
Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land L-6
Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land L-7
Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land L-8
The Depths L-9
Infiltrate the Octane Tower L-10
Put The Thing On The Thing L-11
Broadcast News L-12
Back From Reality L-13
Bricksburg Under Attack L-14
The Final Showdown L-15
The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth B1-1 Part 1
An Unexpected Journey
LEGO The Hobbit
The Video Game
An Unexpected Party B1-2
Azog the Defiler B1-3
Roast Mutton B1-4
The Troll Hoard B1-5
Over Hill and Under Hill B1-6
Goblin-town B1-7
Out of the Frying Pan B1-8
Queer Lodgings B2-1 Part 2
The Desolation of Smaug
Flies and Spiders B2-2
Barrels Out of Bond B2-3
A Warm Welcome B2-4
Looking for Proof B2-5
The Necromancer B2-6
On the Doorstep B2-7
Inside Information B2-8
Pursuers in the Sewers BG-1 LEGO Batman 3
Beyond Gotham
Breaking BATS! BG-2
Space suits you, Sir! BG-3
Space Station Infestation BG-4
The Big Grapple BG-5
The Lantern Menace BG-6
Europe Against It BG-7
Big Trouble in Little Gotham BG-8
Power of Love BG-9
A Blue Hope BG-10
Jailhouse Nok BG-11
All the Rage BG-12
Need for Greed BG-13
Aw-Qward Situation BG-14
Breaking the Ice BG-15
Prologue J1-1 Film 1
Jurassic Park
LEGO Jurassic World
The Video Game
Welcome to Jurassic Park J1-2
Park Shutdown J1-3
Restoring Power J1-4
The Visiter Center J1-5
Isla Sorna J2-1 Film 2
The Lost World
InGen Arrival J2-2
The Hunted J2-3
Communications Center J2-4
San Diego J2-5
Landing Site J3-1 Film 3
Jurassic Park III
The Spinosaurus J3-2
Breeding Facility J3-3
Eric Kirby J3-4
The Bird Cage J3-5
Welcome to Jurassic World J4-1 Film 4
Jurassic World
Gyrosphere Valley J4-2
Out of Bounds J4-3
Under Attack J4-4
Main Street Shutdown J4-5
Follow the LEGO Brick Road D-1 LEGO Dimensions
The Video Game
Meltdown at Sector 7-G D-2
Elements of Surprise D-3
A Dalektable Adventure D-4
Painting the Town Black D-5
Once Upon a Time Machine in the West D-6
GLaD to See You D-7
Riddle-earth D-8
The Phantom Zone D-9
All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us D-10
Mystery Mansion Mash-Up D-11
Prime Time D-12
The End is Tri D-13
The Final Dimension D-14
A Loki Entrance A-1 The Avengers LEGO Marvel's Avengers
Shakespeare in the Park A-2
Helicarrier Havoc A-3
Avengers Assemble A-4
Earth's Mightiest A-5
Struck Off the List U-1 Age of Ultron
No Strings On Me U-2
Anger Management U-3
Korea Prospects U-4
Rise of Ultron U-5
Ultron Undone U-6
Rail Hydra MCU-1
Lack of Insight MCU-2
Ready, A.I.M., Fire MCU-3
Lost in the Aether MCU-4
The Battle of Endor VII-P Prologue LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Assault on Jakku VII-1 Episode VII
The Force Awakens
Escape From the Finalizer VII-2
Niima Outpost VII-3
The Eravana VII-4
Maz's Castle VII-5
Battle of Takodana VII-6
The Resistance VII-7
Starkiller Sabotage VII-8
Destroy Starkiller Base VII-9
The Finale VII-10
Luke's Island VII-E Epilogue
No Eson of Mine M2-1 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
Avengers World Tour M2-2
Castle Hassle M2-3
What's Klaw's is Mined M2-4
Hydra Hyjinks M2-5
Hi-Noon Saloon M2-6
Surtur-N Doom M2-7
Rune to Manuever M2-8
Noir Night Mayor M2-9
Kun'Lun Conundrum M2-10
Symbiote Surprise M2-11
Kree-Search and Development M2-12
Inhuman Nature M2-13
Hala, Is It Kree You're Looking For? M2-14
Red King Revelation M2-15
Torg-Nado M2-16
I Sphinx We Have a Problem M2-17
The Road to Knowhere M2-18
On Board the Sword M2-19
Out of Time M2-20
Undermined I2-1 Incredibles 2 LEGO The Incredibles
Hover Train Hijinx I2-2
Revelations I2-3
Elastigirl on the Case I2-4
House Parr-ty I2-5
Screenslaver Showdown I2-6
The Glory Days I1-1 The Incredibles
Vigilant Vigilantes I1-2
Nomanisan Island I1-3
Return to Nomanisan Island I1-4
Above Parr I1-5
The Final Showdown I1-6
A New Hope ?-IV Normal Bonus
LEGO City ?-V
Pod Race (Original) ?-I
Anakin's Flight ?-II
Gunship Cavalry (Original) ?-III
New Town ?-VI
Young Indy ?-1
Ancient City ?-2
Warehouse ?-3
Wayne Manor ?-H
Arkham Asylum ?-V
Harry's Destiny HP?
Geonosian Arena P
Zillo Beast E
The Ride P?
LEGO Gotham City DC-?
Middle-earth R?
The Brick Apple? M?-1
Nuff Said M?-2
House Party Protocol M?-3
Tabloid Tidy Up M?-4
A Shock Withdrawal M?-5
Feeling Frisky M?-6
Put Up Your Dukes M?-7
Stunt Show Surprise M?-8
Reptillian Ruckus M?-9
Stranger Danger M?-10 (LM)
The Thrill of the Chess M?-11 (LM)
Bro-tunheim M?-12 (LM)
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel BG-?
Omnidroid Rampage I1-?
Theed Palace I-C Character
Geonosis II-C
Mustafar III-C
Mos Eisley IV-C
Bespin V-C
Endor VI-C
Tatooine I-M Minikit
Coruscant II-M
Kashyyyk III-M
Death Star IV-M
Hoth V-M
Endor VI-M
Qui-Gon Jinn BH-1 Bounty Hunter Missions
Queen Amidala BH-2
Jar Jar Binks BH-3
Mace Windu BH-4
Kit Fisto BH-5
Luminara BH-6
Ki-Adi-Mundi BH-7
Rebel Trooper BH-8
Shaak Ti BH-9
Commander Cody BH-10
R2-D2 BH-1 (LSW2OT)


Obi-Wan Kenobi BH-2 (LSW2OT)


Chewbacca BH-3 (LSW2OT)


Princess Leia BH-4 (LSW2OT)


Admiral Ackbar BH-5 (LSW2OT)


Yoda BH-6 (LSW2OT)




Lando Calrissian BH-8 (LSW2OT)


Luke Skywalker BH-9 (LSW2OT)


Han Solo BH-10 (LSW2OT)


R2-D2 BW-1
Yoda BW-2
Padmé Amidala BW-3
Anakin Skywalker BW-4
Captain Rex BW-5
Plo Koon BW-6
Aayla Secura BW-7
Obi-Wan Kenobi BW-8
Ahsoka Tano BW-9
Kit Fisto BW-10
Bail Organa BW-11
Waxer BW-12
Commander Cody BW-13
Commander Ponds BW-14
Luminara Unduli BW-15
Eeth Koth BW-16
Forklift Fun 4a-1t Treasure
Dummy Run 4a-2t
Diner Distraction 4a-3t
Bike Hike 4a-4t
Target Training 4a-5t
Musical Mania 4b-1t
Tomb Time 4b-2t
Mirror Mayhem 4b-3t
Forest Forage 4b-4t
Jungle Jump 4b-5t
Campfire Countdown 4c-1t
Riverside Rush 4c-2t
Trick or Treasure 4c-3
Tie Up High Up 4c-4
Pit of Peril 4c-5
Toasty Tavern A1-1t
Cairo Conundrum A1-2t
Cryptic Crypt A1-3t
Desert Dash A1-4t
Buildozer A1-5t
Shang-High A2-1t
Wrong Gong Rung A2-2t
Disarming Duel A2-3t
Lava Lake A2-4t
Cliff Clamber A2-5t
Crab Cake Confusion A3-1t
Castle Quench A3-2t
Perilous Parking A3-3t
Canyon Quest A3-4t
Chalice Challenge A3-5t
Marshall College 4a-Bonus1 Custom
Gas Station 4a-Bonus2
Doom Town House 2 4a-Bonus3
Interrogation Room 4a-Bonus4
Hangar 52 4a-Bonus5
Peru Airport 4b-Bonus1
Peruvian Market 4b-Bonus2
Graveyard Tomb 4b-Bonus3
Temple Tussle 4b-Bonus4
Gorge in the Jungle 4b-Bonus5
Jungle Jinx 4c-Bonus1
Lake Crypt 4c-Bonus2
Digger's Delight 4c-Bonus3
Treasure Room 4c-Bonus4
Cave Capers 4c-Bonus5
Mountain Shack A1-Bonus1
Airstrip Hangar A1-Bonus2
Hovitos Temple A1-Bonus3
Bantu Wind A1-Bonus4
Submarine Base A1-Bonus5
Club ObiWan A2-Bonus1
Beachside Cave A2-Bonus2
Slave Driver Cave A2-Bonus3
Mountain Cave A2-Bonus4
Princess Rescue A2-Bonus5
Venice Library A3-Bonus1
Beach Pit A3-Bonus2
Berlin Airport A3-Bonus3
Castle Cave A3-Bonus4
Venice Tunnel A3-Bonus5
Gringotts Bonus 1 G-1
Gringotts Bonus 2 G-2
Gringotts Bonus 3 G-3
Gringotts Bonus 4 G-4
Gringotts Bonus 5 G-5
Gringotts Bonus 6 G-6
Gringotts Bonus 7 G-7
Gringotts Bonus 8 G-8
Gringotts Bonus 9 G-9
Gringotts Bonus 10 G-10
Space Rocket 4a-Super Super Bonus Levels
Bike Fright 4b-Super
Alien Ship 4c-Super
Lost World A1-Super
Treasure Trap A2-Super
Lionheart A3-Super
Christophsis RA-Ch Republic Assaults
Coruscant RA-Co
Dead Moon of Antar RA-DMA
Florrum RA-F
Geonosis RA-G
Malastare RA-Mal
Maridun RA-Mar
Naboo RA-N
Quell RA-Q
Rishi Moon RA-RiM
Rugosa RA-Rug
Ruusan Moon RA-RuM
Ryloth RA-Ry
Saleucami RA-S
Tatooine RA-T
Vassek RA-V
Christophsis SA-Ch Separatist Assaults
Coruscant SA-Co
Dead Moon of Antar SA-DMA
Florrum SA-F
Geonosis SA-G
Malastare SA-Mal
Maridun SA-Mar
Naboo SA-N
Quell SA-Q
Rishi Moon SA-RiM
Rugosa SA-Rug
Ruusan Moon SA-RuM
Ryloth SA-Ry
Saleucami SA-S
Tatooine SA-T
Vassek SA-V
Man of Steel DLC-1 DLC
Batman 75th Anniversary DLC-2
Dark Knight Trilogy DLC-3
Arrow DLC-4
Bizarro DLC-5
The Squad DLC-6

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