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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Abbreviation LSWCS
Developer Traveller's Tales
Publisher LucasArts
Universe Star Wars
Starting Level Negotiations
Starting Characters Qui-Gon Jinn
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Episodes The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
Revenge of the Sith
A New Hope
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
Hub Mos Eisley Cantina
Release Date November 6, 2007 (DS, PS3, 360, Wii)
October 13, 2009 (PC)
June 7, 2011(Mac)
Rating E10+
Systems DS
Categories Characters
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga | LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is the third LEGO Star Wars video game

The game has new characters like Plo KoonAayla SecuraLama SuR2-Q5WattoTaun WeZam WesellBoss Nass, and Captain Tarpals (these characters are not playable in the Nintendo DS version). It also includes new levels such as the bounty hunter pursuit from Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. It has been released for all the "next-generation" consoles: PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and the Xbox 360; and on October 13, 2009 it was released on PC and was later released on iOS in 2013 and Android in 2015.

The Mac OS X version of the game was released by Feral Interactive[1] on November 12, 2010.

The game includes a "Bonus" room which includes the original podrace, the original Gunship Cavalry, the never before seen Anakin's Flight, The final bonus level from the first LEGO Star Wars game (A New Hope), LEGO City and it's new counterpart, New Town, as well as a preview for LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, with watching it being the only way to unlock Indiana Jones. Another new feature is the "two-player arcade", where you can do Lightsaber battles against people from around the world or play a free-for-all game against a second player. The hub for this game is, like LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, the Mos Eisley Cantina.


Name Available Abilities Cost

Story Characters

Qui-Gon Jinn From the start Lightsaber, Double Jump, Force Free
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Master) After II-1
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode III) After III-2
Ben Kenobi After IV-2
TC-14 After I-1 Protocol Droid
Jar Jar Binks After I-2 High Jumper
Queen Amidala After I-3 Blaster, Grapple
Padme (Battle) After I-5
Padme (Geonosis) After II-3
Padme (Clawed) After II-4
Captain Panaka After I-3
R2-D2 After I-5, II-3, III-2, IV-1, V-4, or VI-1 Astromech, Hover
Anakin Skywalker (Boy) After I-5 Shortie
Anakin Skywalker (Padawan) After II-3 Lightsaber, Double Jump, Force
Anakin Skywalker (Jedi) After III-2
R4-P17 After II-2 Astromech, Hover
C-3PO After II-3, IV-1, V-2, or VI-1 Protocol Droid
Mace Windu After II-4 Lightsaber, Double Jump, Force
Yoda After II-6, III-4, or V-4
Chancellor Palpatine After III-2 None
Commander Cody After III-3 Blaster, Grapple
Chewbacca After III-4, IV-3, V-2, or VI-1
Princess Leia After IV-1
Princess Leia (Hoth) After V-2
Princess Leia (Bespin) After V-6
Princess Leia (Boussh) After VI-1
Princess Leia (Slave) After VI-2
Princess Leia (Endor) After VI-3
Captain Antilles After IV-1
Rebel Friend
Luke Skywalker (Tatooine) After IV-2
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper) After IV-4
Luke Skywalker (Pilot) After V-4
Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) Lightsaber, Double Jump, Force
Luke Skywalker (Bespin) After V-5
Luke Skywalker (Jedi) After VI-1
Han Solo After IV-3 Blaster, Grapple
Han Solo (Stormtrooper) After IV-4
Han Solo (Hoth) After V-2
Han Solo (Skiff) After VI-1
Han Solo (Endor) After VI-4
Lando Calrissian After V-6
Lando Calrissian (Palace Guard) After VI-2
Wicket After VI-4 Slingshot, Shortie
Darth Vader After VI-5 or A New Hope bonus mission Lightsaber, Double Jump, Sith Force, Imperial

Freeplay Characters

Gonk Droid From the start None 3,000
PK Droid 1,500
Battle Droid After I-1 Blaster 6,500
Battle Droid (Security) 8,500
Battle Droid (Commander) 10,000
Battle Droid (Geonosis) After II-3 8,500
Droideka After I-1 Blasters, Shield 40,000
Captain Tarpals After I-2 Spear, High Jumper 17,500
Boss Nass None 15,000
Royal Guard After I-3 Blaster, Grapple 10,000
Padme 20,000
Watto After I-4 Zapper, Fly 16,000
Pit Droid None 4,000
Darth Maul After I-6 Lightsaber, Double Jump, Sith Force 60,000
Zam Wesell After II-1 Blaster, Grapple, Thermal Detonator, Bounty Hunter 27,500
Dexter Jettster None 10,000
Clone After II-2 Blaster, Grapple, Imperial 13,000
Clone (Episode III) After III-4 10,000
Clone (Episode III, Pilot) 11,000
Clone (Episode III, Swamp) 12,000
Clone (Episode III, Walker)
Disguised Clone After III-5
Lama Su After II-2 None 9,000
Taun We
Geonosian After II-3 Sonic Blaster, Fly 20,000
Super Battle Droid After II-4 Blaster 25,000
Jango Fett Blasters, Jetpack, Grapple, Thermal Detonator, Bounty Hunter 70,000
Boba Fett (Boy) Shortie 5,500
Boba Fett After VI-2 Blaster, Jetpack, Grapple, Thermal Detonator, Bounty Hunter 100,000
Luminara After II-4 Lightsaber, Double Jump, Force 28,000
Ki-Adi Mundi 30,000
Kit Fisto 35,000
Shaak Ti 36,000
Aayla Secura 37,000
Plo Koon 39,000
Count Dooku After III-2 Lightsaber, Double Jump, Sith Force 100,000
Grievous' Bodyguard Electrostaff, High Jumper 42,000
General Grievous After III-3 Lightsabers, Double Jump 70,000
Wookiee After II-4 Blaster, Grapple 16,000
Mace Windu (Episode III) After III-5 Lightsabers, Double Jump 38,000
Rebel Trooper After IV-1 Blaster, Grapple 10,000
Rebel Trooper (Hoth) After V-2 16,000
Rebel Pilot 15,000
Stormtrooper After IV-1 Blaster, Grapple, Imperial 10,000
Sandtrooper After IV-3 14,000
Beach Trooper After IV-4 20,000
Snowtrooper After V-2 16,000
Imperial Shuttle Pilot After IV-1 25,000
Death Star Trooper After IV-4 19,000
TIE Fighter Pilot 21,000
Imperial Officer 28,000
Tusken Raider After IV-2 Blaster, Grapple 23,000
Jawa Zapper, Shortie 24,000
Greedo After IV-3 Blaster, Grapple, Thermal Detonator, Bounty Hunter 60,000
Imperial Spy None 13,500
Grand Moff Tarkin After IV-4 Blaster, Grapple, Imperial 38,000
Han Solo (Hood) After V-2 Blaster, Grapple 20,000
Luke Skywalker (Hoth) 14,000
Lobot After V-5 None 11,000
Ugnaught Zapper, Shortie 36,000
Bespin Guard Blaster, Grapple 15,000
Princess Leia (Prisoner) 22,000
Gamorrean Guard After VI-1 Vibro-Ax 40,000
Bib Fortuna Bounty Hunter 16,000
Palace Guard Blaster, Grapple 14,000
Skiff Guard After VI-2 12,000
Bossk After VI-1 Blaster, Grapple, Thermal Detonator, Bounty Hunter 75,000
Ewok After VI-4 Slingshot, Shortie 34,000
Imperial Guard After VI-5 Force Pike, Imperial 46,000
The Emperor Lightsaber, Double Jump, Sith Force, Imperial 275,000
Admiral Ackbar After VI-6 Blaster, Grapple 33,000
IG-88 Blaster, Grapple, Thermal Detonator, Bounty Hunter, Protocol Droid, Astromech 100,000
Dengar Blaster, Grapple, Thermal Detonator, Bounty Hunter 70,000
4-LOM 45,000
Ben Kenobi (Ghost) Lightsaber, Double Jump, Force, Invincibility, Invisibility 1,100,000
Anakin Skywalker (Ghost) 1,000,000
Yoda (Ghost) 1,200,000
R2-Q5 Astromech 100,000
Indiana Jones View Trailer in Bonus Section Revolver, Grapple 50,000

Extra Toggle Characters

Skeleton II-4, III-5, IV-2, IV-4, V-2, V-4, VI-2, VI-4, VI-5, Episode III Character Bonus None Level Restricted
Buzz Droid III-2, III-3, Episode II Character Bonus
Training Remote III-5 Blaster (does no damage)
Rebel Engineer IV-1, V-2, A New Hope Blaster, Grapple
Droid 1 IV-2, IV-3, Episode IV Character Bonus Blaster
Droid 2
Droid 3
Droid 4
Womp Rat IV-2, IV-3, VI-1, VI-4, Episode IV Character Bonus, LEGO City, New Town None
Mouse Droid IV-4, IV-5, VI-5
Imperial Engineer IV-4, IV-5, VI-4, VI-5, Episode VI Character Bonus Blaster, Grapple, Imperial
Han Solo (frozen in carbonite) V-5, V-6, VI-1, Episode V Character Bonus None
AT-AT Driver VI-3 Blaster, Grapple, Imperial
Scout Trooper VI-3, VI-4

Custom Characters

Stranger 1 From the start Varies Free
Stranger 2


Name Available Abilities Cost

Story Vehicles

Anakin's Pod After I-4 No Weapons Free
Naboo Starfighter After Anakin's Flight Bonus Cable
Anakin's Speeder After II-1
Republic Gunship After II-5 Cable
Jedi Starfighter (Yellow) After III-1
Jedi Starfighter (Red)
X-Wing After IV-6
Y-Wing Five Torpedoes
Snowspeeder After V-1 Cable
Millennium Falcon After V-3 Tracking Laser Turret

Freeplay Vehicles

Sebulba's Pod After I-4 No Weapons 20,000
Zam's Airspeeder After II-1 24,000
Droid Trifighter After III-1 28,000
Vulture Droid 30,000
Clone Arcfighter 33,000
TIE Fighter After IV-6 TIE 35,000
TIE Interceptor 40,000
TIE Fighter (Darth Vader) 50,000
TIE Bomber After V-3 TIE, Five Torpedoes 60,000
Imperial Shuttle 25,000
Slave I Collect All Minikits Free

Minikit Vehicles

Naboo Starfighter I-5 Cable 10/10 Minikits
Republic Gunship II-4
Jedi Starfighter (Yellow) III-3
X-Wing V-4
Y-Wing IV-5 Five Torpedoes
Snowspeeder V-2 Cable
Millennium Falcon IV-4 Tracking Laser Turret
Sebulba's Pod I-4 No Weapons
Zam's Airspeeder II-1
Clone Arcfighter III-5
TIE Fighter V-3 TIE
TIE Interceptor VI-6
TIE Fighter (Darth Vader) IV-6
TIE Bomber VI-3 TIE, Five Torpedoes
Imperial Shuttle VI-5
Republic Cruiser I-1
Gungan Bongo I-2 No Blasters
Royal Cruiser I-3
Sith Infiltrator I-6
Jedi Starfighter II-1
Droideka II-3 Doesn't Fly, No Torpedoes
Solar Sailor II-6 No Blasters
Drop Ship III-1
Emergency Ship III-2 No Blasters
Wookiee Cat III-4 Doesn't Fly
V-Wing III-6
Star Destroyer IV-1 Five Torpedoes, Poor Speed
Sandcrawler IV-2 No Weapons, Doesn't Fly
Land Speeder IV-3
AT-AT V-1 No Torpedoes, Doesn't Fly
Cloud Car V-5
Slave I V-6
Desert Skiff VI-1 Doesn't Fly
Sail Barge VI-2

Extra Toggle Vehicles

Buzz Droid III-1 Level Restricted
Rancor Episode I Minikit Bonus Invincible
Wampa Episode V Minikit Bonus


Episode I: The Phantom Menace

  1. Negotiations
  2. Invasion of Naboo
  3. Escape from Naboo
  4. Mos Espa Pod Race
  5. Retake Theed Palace
  6. Darth Maul

Episode I Bonus

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

  1. Bounty Hunter Pursuit
  2. Discovery on Kamino
  3. Droid Factory
  4. Jedi Battle
  5. Gunship Cavalry
  6. Count Dooku

Episode II Bonus

Episode III: Revenge of the sith

  1. Battle over Coruscant
  2. Chancellor in Peril
  3. General Grievous
  4. Defense of Kashyyyk
  5. Ruin of the Jedi
  6. Darth Vader

Episode III Bonus

Episode IV: A New Hope

  1. Secret Plans
  2. Through the Jundland Wastes
  3. Mos Eisley Spaceport
  4. Rescue the Princess
  5. Death Star Escape
  6. Rebel Attack

Episode IV Bonus

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

  1. Hoth Battle
  2. Escape from Echo Base
  3. Falcon Flight
  4. Dagobah
  5. Cloud City Trap
  6. Betrayal over Bespin

Episode V Bonus

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

  1. Jabba's Palace
  2. The Great Pit of Carkoon
  3. Speeder Showdown
  4. The Battle of Endor
  5. Jedi Destiny
  6. Into the Death Star

Episode VI Bonus


  1. Pod Race (Original)
  2. Anakin's Flight
  3. Gunship Cavalry (Original)
  4. A New Hope
  5. LEGO City
  6. New Town





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