• ReedJa2

    Lego Indiana Jones 3

    July 11, 2010 by ReedJa2

    We Should do Lego Indiana Jones 3 On This Wiki

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  • Lego Riddle

    Lego Riddle here im to create and edit the level articles for LEGO Prince of Persia and would like to thank the user ReedJa for already creating the main central article of the upcoming video game.

    Ive also been at work on the LEGO Batman wiki and made and edited the article Boss Battles.

    The Original Basis for LEGO Prince of Persia came with the mini animated clip promoting the minifigures and film adaption.

    2:01*Add to queue Added to queue LEGO Prince of Persia Mini Movie[1]Here it is! All of the action, adventure and thrills of the Prince of Persia movie in LEGO brick form! Join brave Prince Dastan as he invades LEGOClubTV | 2 months ago | 87,678 views

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  • Lego Riddle

    In the works is the wikia template for Lego Video Game Wikis:

    1. LEGO Star Wars

    2. LEGO Indiana Jones

    3. LEGO Batman

    4. LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4

    5. LEGO Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    6. LEGO Marvel the Original Heroes

    7. LEGO Lord of the Rings

    8. LEGO Superman

    9. LEGO Scooby Doo

    10. LEGO Alice In Wonderland

    11. LEGO Grand Theft Auto

    12. LEGO Twilight

    13. LEGO Disney

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  • Daniel1990

    On wikia gaming the wiki for the upcoming video game of Lego Marvel the original heroes has been put up:).

    Fair warning though it will not contain as much as information as put up on Lego Games but is still in editing.

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