A New Hope
Symbol IV
Based on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Game {{LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga}}

Universe Star Wars
Starting Level Secret Plans
Ending Level Rebel Attack
Number of levels 6
How to unlock Starter

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is the first chapter of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy and the fourth chapter of LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.


Idk Luke skywalker is on a planet and buys cool droids with message from hotty princess leia and find obiwankenobi were he tell that he can hlelp but they need a ride and find han solo and ends up finding the death star they blow up star of deaf and yay


  1. Secret Plans
  2. Through the Jundland Wastes
  3. Mos Eisley Spaceport
  4. Rescue the Princess
  5. Death Star Escape
  6. Rebel Attack



Differences from the film

  • In the film, the Stormtroopers shoot down the door separating them from the Rebels, who they then kill. In the game, they carve the door down and knock down (not kill) the rebels.
  • In the film, Leia composes the message in a chip and immediately finds R2 who takes it without struggle. In the game, an armed Leia and Antilles store it on a disk and fight their way to R2, who refuses to take the disk despite Leia's prodding. Leia then opens R2's top like a lid and throws the disk inside, before leaving R2 and 3PO with Antilles.
  • The scene where Leia is stunned by the Stormtroopers searching for her is omitted, as is the later argument between her and Vader.
  • In the film, R2 whimpers as he wanders through the canyon. In the game, he shows no sign of fear.
  • In the film, R2 is reactivated inside the sandcrawler's droid bay, where he is reunited with 3PO who is delighted to see him again. In the game, the tube that sucks R2 into the sandcrawler deposits him right next to a seated 3PO, who turns away from him in a pouty huff.
  • In the film, the purchase of R2 and 3PO is conducted by both Luke and Owen Lars, with a brief interlude involving a malfunctioning R5 unit with a bad motivator. In the game, only Luke comes out (Owen and Beru are entirely absent from the game) and picks out R2 and 3PO immediately, out of a line-up of otherwise malfunctioning droids.
  • The scenes in which Luke cleans 3PO and R2 to discover Leia's message and has dinner with his family before going outside to fantasize about joining the Rebellion are omitted.
  • In the film, R2 runs away from the Lars homestead to find Ben Kenobi, prompting Luke and 3PO to track him down in the morning. In the game, R2 and 3PO are stolen by the Jawas and Luke sets out to recover them alone.
  • In the film, Luke encounters the Tusken Raiders after finding R2, before being attacked by Raiders who then start examining his landspeeder before being scared off by Ben. In the game, Luke is attacked by a single Sand Person, then teams up with Ben to track down R2 and 3PO.
  • In the film, Ben tells Luke about his father before giving him his lightsaber and seeing Leia's message. In the game, Ben doesn't tell Luke of his father before seeing the message (which is frantically gesticulated in this version), and pulls a walkie-talkie, a coffee mug and a large blaster out of the trunk before finding the lightsaber.
  • In the film, Luke simply waves his new lightsaber around in an experimental way, not doing any damage at all. In the game, he swings it around in a much more playfully hostile way, and accidentally decapitates 3PO.
  • The scene of Luke discovering his home destroyed and family killed is omitted.
  • The Empire's meeting aboard the Death Star is omitted.
  • While driving to Mos Eisley, R2 falls off the speeder and meets back up with them as they stand on the edge of the mountain.
  • Luke accidentally hits a civilian Jawa with his speeder when arriving at Mos Eisley.
  • In the film, the Stormtrooper Ben uses his Jedi mind trick on doesn't seem to be too badly affected by the mind trick, aside from his sudden acquiescence. In the game, the Stormtrooper is dazed by the mind trick (with stars hovering around his head) and falls to the ground when clipped by the nacelle of Luke's speeder.
  • In the film, Han Solo confronts Greedo after sending Chewie to take the others to the Millennium Falcon and simply shoots Greedo in the chest to kill him. In the game, the altercation happens before Luke and Ben met Han, as Greedo slams his hands on the table and moves to shoot Han, only to have his torso shot out by Han. He only collapses after looking down at the damage and chuckling nervously.
  • In the film, Ponda Baba confronts Luke unprovoked, soon joined by Dr. Evazan, before Ben gets involved and ends up severing Ponda's arm. In the game, Luke accidentally knocks over Ponda's drink, and when Ben cuts off his arm, the other one soon falls off, and Ponda falls apart, much to Evazan's shock, who quickly downs his drink and runs away.
  • Han and Jabba the Hutt's conversation is omitted.
  • Before Tarkin destroys Alderaan, Leia moves her hand like a mouth and says "blah, blah, blah".
  • In the film, Tarkin orders Alderaan's destruction with dispassionate calm, and the operation itself is carried out with clinical efficiency. In the game, Tarkin is forced to wake up the technicians to get them to carry out his orders, then laughs evilly at Leia as she cries for her destroyed homeworld.
  • Luke's lightsaber and Force training is omitted.
  • In the game, when the Millenium Falcon arrives in the Alderaan debris field, Chewbacca proceeds to cover his face in fear.
  • In the game, Han is seen by Vader in his Stormtrooper disguise on the Falcon's loading ramp, trying to act casual to avoid suspicion.
  • In the game, when Vader first senses Ben's presence on the Falcon, Ben is also shown sensing Vader' presence.
  • Han and Luke do not necessarily wear their Stormtrooper helmets as they travel throughout the Death Star, although there are hat dispensers throughout the level allowing them to wear helmets.
  • In the film, Ben leaves shortly after the group arrive on the Death Star, leaving 3PO and R2 to hide from the guards after the others leave the location room. In the game, Ben leaves after the group arrives at the location room as 3PO and R2 immediately hide while the others discover Leia's location and a photo of her that Han is attracted to, much to Luke's frustration.
  • In the film, Han simply yells at Chewie to get him into the garbage chute. In the game, he throws a small bone in to tempt him.
  • Luke enjoys going down the garbage chute, acting as though he's riding a waterslide. Han does not share his enthusiasm.
  • Two Stormtrooper helmets can be seen in the trash compactor. One is to the right of the door and the other is to the left, but is not seen after the LEGO refrigerator containing the Mini Kit is set.
  • 3PO and R2 are never found by the guards nor given a communicator.
  • The dianoga scene is omitted, although it can be heard growling early in the level.
  • In the film, Ben holds back his weapon and allows Vader to kill him in front of Luke. In the game, Ben waves to Luke before holding back and deactivating the lightsaber before being killed as the others escape without being attacked.
  • In the film, as Luke, Han, Chewie, and Leia arrive at the base and several groups of Rebels riding small transports are in the background. In the game, the Rebels' transports suffer a collision.
  • The X-Wings' S-foils get stuck briefly before opening.
  • In the game, turbolaser guns surround the exhaust port and must be destroyed by shooting them before Luke can fire into the port itself.
  • In the film, the mood in the Death Star is calm just before it is destroyed. In the game, Death Star personnel run around in fear until the Death Star is destroyed.
  • After the Death Star explodes, a Stormtrooper is seen floating out into space.
  • In the film, Vader is not too badly shaken as his fighter spins away from the Death Star. In the game, he is seen being thrown around the cockpit and dizzily leans to one side after regaining his composure.
  • In the film, Han and Luke calmly receive their reward from a dressed-up Leia. In the game, Han and Luke are filled with more excitement, Leia is in her regular clothes, and Han and Luke laugh at 3PO hugging R2; also, the Imperial Spy who followed Han and Luke in Tatooine is arrested.

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